How spotify works

I always like finding out about new and bold ways companies work. Recently I came across this 2 part video showing how Spotify works using Agile principals. This got me thinking, could tribes be used in Problem Management and other improvements instead of chucking things over the fences, build a virtual team which brings in expertise to solve a problem?

Spotify engineering culture (part 1)

Spotify engineering culture (part 2)

How to set up a mobile app using no or low code in ServiceNow

I am a huge fan of ServiceNow but if you look at some video’s on how to to do things in Servicenow or look at the community for solutions, you might think you have to be a massive code head in order to do anything. Therefore it was great to watch these two videos by Chuck Tomasi, Dave Slusher and Kreg Steppe showing you how to create a great ‘meet me’ mobile app using no or low code in just 1 hour over 2 x 30 min sessions. Great job.


How to use Visual Taskboards in Servicenow

Konichiwa. Another Japanese word I know is Kanban. Did you know Servicenow offers this feature in all of its releases since Fuji called Visual Taskboards? You can create and share boards showing freeform boards eg to do lists or data driven boards eg changes by status maybe for CAB appovals or incidents by state so you can get a good understanding about where incidents are and who is working on them.

I have produced this quick 4 min video showing you how they could be used and some of the features.

Plugin : Visual Task Boards


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