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Let me level with you about ITIL

Ok, let me level with you and tell you how I think of ITIL.

ITIL = Providing value to customers = Customers are more likely to give IT more money as they saw a value giving IT some money last year

THAT IS IT. Nothing more, nothing less.

It drives me crazy listening to techies people telling me how great their MPLS link is, how there server room is virtulised but how ITIL is such a waste of time ITIL is, and how managing service is a thankless task. By saying this, you are a dinosaur, left in an ages time is forgetting.

The business simply does not care how wizzy the MPLS link is, what it does or you can deploy an extra 500Gb of SAN storage in a matter of seconds. IT is their job to make sure these things run.

The amount of people in the business who cares about your exciting links are nobody. NOBODY CARES. Nuda, zero, wasting breath, zilch, square root of nothing is…nothing.

What they do care about is how deploying 500Gb of storage can keep their business running as their storage will not run out of space or their speed to access data is enhanced by having a great MPLS link.

ITIL is just a bunch of great ideas which you can use to inspire you to think of other ways to give better customer value or to use the ideas already in the book to help provide value. ITIL is just common sense packaged in a way IT people might actually think about it.

The people who think ITIL is some sort of bible and must be followed religiously are also as bad as the techies who think people care about their technology. If you are slowing down the business or IT by implementing something then this is why ITIL has such a bad name. Think about what you are doing or thinking about and ask your self, how does this create value? I don’t care what is writing on page 72 of the Service Operations book, nor do I care if I am using the exact titles assigned by the book. It is what works for your business, there is no such thing as ITIL certified nor is there ITIL police.

By making small changes to the way your IT organization works with itself and with the business then all the small changes will add up to huge changes. These changes will enhance the way IT interacts with itself or with the business and provides greater value.

This blog is just to try and how ways in which ITIL can be thought about and different ways in which I have improved my IT organization. I strongly believe in a Service Desk as they are your gate keepers between the business and IT, get this wrong and the business will not find value, get this right and you are on a winning path. So there will be massive focus on how to get a Service Desk firing on all cylinders.