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Happy Signals – Is your service like a water melon

I have a problem with SLA’s. My issue with them are always everything looks green but is the customer satisfied? If the Service Desk agent just can’t fix the issue in the allotted SLA time but the customer is ok with the service provided, could an SLA be detrimental to the service provided as could the Service Desk agent just take a shortcut to close the incident within SLA ruining the customer experience? Ultimately my personal stance is as long as the customer is happy then I don’t really mind how long an incident takes, it is the service provided and the customer experience which is key to me…within reason.

At SITS 17 I came across a stand for Happy Signals ( who align to my way of thinking. They term some SLA’s as a water melon, green on the outside as all the SLA’s are met but red on the inside as your customers hate the service. So they ask, via an automated email, once the incident is resolved, how did we do 1-10? The customer is then directed to a context pages which relates to the scoring from the previous page. 8-10 (Ok great, can you tell me why?), 5-8 (Oh dear, why not so well?) etc a couple of tick boxes and a comment box then importantly ‘How much time did you loose while the incident / request was logged). This links to your ITSM tool so you can trend on the service attached to the incident so you can see your happiness score against services, location, assignment group.

We recently had a presentation at work and are very interested in implementing this. I strongly suggest others take a look at the site and book in for a demo. Very impressed so far.