Looking for a job for 2022

Thankyou for visiting my blog. My blog is a means for me to showcase my skills and how I think so you might understand me a bit better than just looking at my experience on a CV. I wanted to stand out from the competition or the crowd.

Please click on the links along the top of this blog to see various articles I have written. Please listen to my talk called ‘Service Desk Evolution’ that I recorded with the Service Desk Institute which details my strategy for managing service desks / IT support teams. Please click here to view

2021 has been a really trying year both professional and personally and I have needed to take some time away from everything to process and reflect on everything that happened in 2021. This has taken time but I feel now I am ready to get back to work and deliver my best performance in 2022.

I put on my CV a mission statement to try again, stand out from the crowd and to show people what I am about and my ideals. This is my statement:

To create a fun, collaborative and safe environment for my support team(s) to share knowledge, collaborate with their team and other IT and business teams to give the best customer experience to the business.

How I have tried to achieve this in past companies:

  • Team meetings, allowing a geographically dispersed support team to share ideas, issues and fixes.
  • Team meeting with engineering teams to allow projects coming soon to be shared with the support teams and get feedback on blind spots or improvement to the project roll out.
  • Sharepoint sites with network troubleshooting information, vendor contact details, install procedures, office contacts, townhall check list set up guides, in country IT support contacts
  • Meetings with IT teams and business teams to give the IT support teams an overview of how they can grow their careers into senior IT teams and business overviews of teams so they can provide more personalised / tailored support to each team.

Therefore if you know of or have any upcoming vacancies for a IT Support Manager / Service Delivery Manager in Singapore then please let me know, either by leaving a comment or contacting me via linkedin click here.

I have managed teams across APAC and I am a PR in Singapore so I do not need any company sponsorship or work visas.

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