Looking for a job

I recently moved to Singapore and upon arrival I started looking for a job. Now being at home, looking for a job with only recruiters, netflix, amazon box sets for company isn’t the most fun you can have. Therefore I decided I was going to see what was out there to amuse myself and maybe learn a few things. Singapore being the amazing place it is, has delievered this in spades! However, if you know of anyone looking for a role or is out of work then maybe use this as an inspiration to get out there and see what is about in the area?

Over the last 9 weeks, I have :


Passed the Basic driving theory test to convert my UK licence to a Singapore licence – $65

Studying towards AWS practitioner exam – Free

Conference attended

Google Cloud Platform – Free

Switch 2018 – Free

Servicenow Summit – Free

Classes attended through General Assembly –  https://generalassemb.ly/

Intro into UX design – Free

Talk on Cyber Security and trends – Free

Intro into Data Science – Free

Intro into Digital Marketing – Free

Intro into HTML and CSS coding – Free

Intro into Data Analytics – Free

Intro into Product Management – Free

Meet up groups – Meetup.com

The Art of War by Sun Tzu Learning Circle – Chapter 3: Strategic Offence – Free…and recommended

Business Networking – Free

Singapore’s Language & Culture Exchange – Free


Swimming 600m per day

Muay Thai class once a week

Looking for a job sucks when you are stuck at home but if you just do a little digging you can find loads of things to do in your area to meet different people and get out and about instead of feeling isolated at home without a job.


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