Setting up my blog


Thankyou everyone who has commented on my blog and posted all the great feedback. I really appriciate it as I am just starting up this blog, so it is still a bit scary to post my ideas and thoughts out for everyone to see. So I am glad people are liking what they are reading. A few comments have been around what theme I have used, do you need HTML skills etc etc, therefore I thought I would answer them all in a post.

I have no prior knowledge to starting up blogs nor any HTML knowledge. I just went on wordpress and started this blog.

The theme I use is twenty fourteen and have done nothing special to make the pages load quicker, a few people have commented my blog loads really quickly, all I can say is thankyou WordPress.

I have also not paid for anything initially, I have paid for my .com address but I started with a standard address. however, this is all I have paid for. I decided to have wordpress host my site and register the domain with as they charge to re-direct blogs to web site domains so it would not have worked out any cheaper doing it any other way.

I have also set up google webmaster tools so hopefully as more people find me, I will move up the rankings and maybe one day make it to the first page when you search ‘ITIL blogs’

I find it a great way to publish my ideas and get feedback that people like my ideas or with the subject of ITIL get experts providing questions or challenging me which can only improve my knowledge and understanding. It is scary posting your ideas, it’s sort of like running through the streets naked with everyone watching, but I looked around the ITIL blogs and thought ‘well no one else is doing anything too special’ (There are exceptions, itskeptic for one, is a great blog. Everyone in ITSM should read his blog) so if I post my ideas and understanding then would I be at least be helping create a conversation to build knowledge and understanding or everyone. I have always been in support so I want to alway help people understand IT. IT shouldn’t be as hard as it sometimes seems. One of the key quotes I have tried to live by with this blog is :

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t know it well enough – Albert Einstein.

I have then set up a twitter, reddit, flipboard, stumbleupon and delicious page which I publise these blog posting on, this has the logo to keep everything the same. The blog automatically posts a new post to my twitter and linkedin account. Also I add my twitter account at the bottom of all postings so hopefully people start following me on twitter…hint 🙂

Hope this helps any new bloggers out. Ahhh, finally, WordPress happiness engineers (not sure about the title) are great and will help you with any questions you have. They helped me put in the HTML coding for my social media icons. The icons used can be found at Thanks Martz.

Thankyou for reading my post. This is my opportunity to blog about a subject I love but am still learning. These posts are my way of showing how I understand the subject, however, I would encourage you to leave comments, did you agree / disagree with the post? Did I not explain something well enough or incorrectly? Do you want me to blog about another subject within ITIL? All feedback helps me to understand more. Thankyou.

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