Do we still need ITIL?

This is a great blog post It reminds me of WHY you do ITIL, not because the ITIL book says so on page 32 but to provide value to the business.

If you just follow ITIL blindly then you will create a mess. Engage brain and see how bits can work for you, maybe some won’t work for you or could in future and that is ok. Just look to ‘adopt and adapt’ to make your IT organisation the best value for money it can be to the business.

Thankyou for reading my post. This is my opportunity to blog about a subject I love but am still learning. These posts are my way of showing how I understand the subject, however, I would encourage you to leave comments, did you agree / disagree with the post? Did I not explain something well enough or incorrectly? Do you want me to blog about another subject within ITIL? All feedback helps me to understand more. Thankyou.

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